Research for HR: What applicants expect from their next employer


Last Updated on 15.Sep.2022

Applicants expect flexibility from employers above all. This is shown in the Statista graphic based on a survey by the job exchange Stepstone. Flexible working hours, a good work-life balance and flexible working such as home office are factors that make a company particularly attractive from an employee’s point of view. Also significant: meaningful activities. Less important, on the other hand, are a high degree of responsibility, an attractive location or a high profile of the employer.

According to Stepstone, the willingness to change jobs is high in Germany. 35% of people would think about changing jobs several times a week. Only 15 % do not mentally consider changing employer. With around 45 million people in employment , this corresponds to a number of around 15 million people willing to change jobs.

Despite the crisis, there is currently a great demand for labour in Germany. The job index of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) recently reached a record level. This is shown by in this Statista infographic based on BA data. According to the BA, the end of most of the Corona restrictions as well as the spring revival on the labour market contributed to the high. Almost all sectors were affected, but especially the hospitality industry.

Infografik: Was Bewerber von Ihrem nächsten Arbeitgeber erwarten | Statista You can find more infographics at Statista

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