Research meets practice: We conduct research in the field of DIGITAL BUSINESS and use our findings to develop exclusive best practices for your company

Our mission

The edbia – European Digital Business Institute & Academy – develops its own content on the topic of digital business based on research results from practice for practice, from which complete courses, downloads or eBooks are then created. This own content is supplemented by carefully hand-picked and selected sources on the Internet.

The content of this research flows into the TRANSRUPTION digitization toolbox, where it is combined with insights from the field to ensure that knowledge can be optimally applied

Edbia is the only institute worldwide that is allowed to teach the recognized and nationally and internationally awarded Internet Marketing Strategy iROI as well as the Digitization Strategy DIGiROI.

Improve your know-how around digitalization and benefit from the knowledge of the best to move your business and career forward. Here, your knowledge becomes skill because you receive directly applicable practical tips in addition to theory.

You learn independently of time, place and at your own pace. Everything is perfectly tailored to your individual needs. A warm welcome!

You will never be confronted with the usual technical gibberish of many agencies or trainers, but will receive all information explained in understandable German.

With scientific regards,

Sanjay Sauldie, MSc.
Director of edbia

The best selection from reputable knowledge sources on the topic of digital business for CEOs, managing directors, decision-makers and executives with high expectations is available exclusively only here.

Why so many executives around the world trust us:

  1. Premium quality:
    You receive reliable, high-quality information pre-filtered for you from the opaque jungle of the endless Internet – saving you the hassle of compiling and reviewing the multitude of sometimes contradictory statements on the Internet and often redundant sources.
  2. Fast and competent:
    You receive certified, compact knowledge in the shortest possible time – you save valuable time because the information is researched to the point, contains no marketing gobbledygook and thus remains comprehensible so that you can quickly grasp everything worth knowing.
  3. Consulting & Service:
    You receive the latest information because our content is constantly updated, so you’re always up to date on the really important changes – allowing you to take part in discussions, meetings and meetings on an equal footing and with competence, and to set new impulses.
  4. Advanced training and continuing education at the highest level:
    Would you like to continue your education in digital business and advance in your career with additional qualifications? Take a look at our online courses for employees and decision-makers, which are accompanied exclusively by Sanjay Sauldie worldwide.


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