When is it time to stop sending emails?


Last Updated on 15.Sep.2022

Many business owners struggle with the decision of whether to stop a regular email marketing campaign. Both in cases where the email marketing campaign is successful and in situations where the email marketing campaign fails, this decision can be difficult.

In general, business owners need to weigh a variety of factors to make this decision, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula that works for everyone. In this post we will look at three different scenarios:

  • a successful email marketing campaign that comes to a natural end,
  • a failed email marketing campaign, and
  • a successful email marketing campaign that could go on forever.

First, we’ll look at an example of a successful email marketing campaign that comes to a natural end. It can make sense for a business owner to end their email marketing campaigns in several cases. An email marketing campaign that is focused on a specific goal rather than selling products or services is the most obvious example. For example, a political email marketing campaign may start slowly, peaking at a time when voters are most interested in learning about the issues, and then waning when the election process begins and the majority of voters have already made their decision. Similarly, an email marketing campaign aimed at raising funds for a particular charity will naturally come to an end once the target has been reached. These email marketing programmes can be very successful, but there is no reason to continue them after the goals have been reached.

Next, let’s look at an email marketing campaign that does not achieve its goals. It’s hard to say when an email marketing campaign should be considered a success because there are so many variables to consider. For example, if a business owner spends a lot of time and money on email marketing but doesn’t see success despite their best efforts, it may be time to end the campaign. However, if the business owner has not invested a large amount of money in the email marketing campaign and still has a few ideas to make it a success, it may be worth extending the campaign to see if the desired goals can be achieved.

Finally, remember that email marketing campaigns don’t necessarily have to end. Look at a niche topic like search engine optimisation (SEO). There is no reason for a business owner who has been creating and sending monthly e-newsletters on this topic and receiving positive feedback from these email marketing tools to stop while they are still able to create the e-newsletters. An e-newsletter can remain active as long as there is demand and interest in the material delivered, much like many magazines have been printed for years. Since search engine optimisation is constantly evolving and e-newsletter users can expect to receive the e-newsletter every month to learn more about current industry trends, the demand for this product will remain in our scenario of a business owner creating an SEO newsletter.

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