The importance of choosing an effective domain name for a website.


Last Updated on 15.Sep.2022

Choosing a suitable domain name is crucial for your website and one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. It is the first thing someone will notice when they visit your website. Therefore, it should be unique and easy to remember at the same time. Domain names have a huge impact on click-through rates across the web, from search results to referring links, brand awareness and advertising, to name just a few things.

So you can’t afford to overlook this advice and guidance on choosing a suitable domain name for your website:

1. Keep it short and easy to remember. To reduce the likelihood of mistyping or forgetting your domain name, choose short and uncomplicated domain names. Complex domain names are often forgotten, leading to future misdeeds. The recommended length for a domain name is 8 characters, so keep it within this range.

2. Do not use numbers or symbols. Use as few symbols as possible in the domain name. If numbers are used, it is problematic to decide whether the number should be spelled out or entered as a digit. For example, should be avoided, as phrasing it as sevenstarluxury or 7starluxuary can lead to misunderstandings. Symbols are also often misplaced or overlooked, which can lead to further errors.

3. Use SEO keywords that are relevant. Keywords in your domain name can help you rank better in search engines and improve your website’s SEO. Not only that, they can also increase traffic and therefore conversion rates. However, don’t make sure your keywords match exactly as this can bring your brand into disrepute. It also gives the impression that the website is not trustworthy and not authentic.

4. Use the .com domain. As the .com domain extension is the most popular, it is difficult to find a short and simple domain name with this extension. However, since there are no restrictions on the use of .com for businesses, it is recommended. Even for international users, .com is the best option and virtually all web browsers automatically redirect to it. So make the most of this opportunity!

5. Stay away from trademark infringement. Use your imagination and creativity instead of using someone else’s idea to design your domain name. If your domain name is similar to an existing name, you may be in copyright infringement. An excellent domain name is a special, unique name that does not clash with other domains already in use.

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